5 Most Expensive BMW Repairs and How to Prevent Them


Any system failure on your BMW is going to cause some stress. Below, are ten of the most expensive failures that can happen. In addition to summarizing the failure, we have given you a rough approximation of the repair cost and main steps you can take to prevent the repair in the first place.

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1. Fuel Injection Components

The injection supply brings fuel to the engine cylinders in the required quantities. However, a clogged fuel injector means inconsistent fuel flow. Your car may run normally for some miles, but can sputter and misfire due to to clogged fuel injectors. The most common problem that will arise due to the failure of the fuel injection system is drive-ability issues, poor performance, and poor fuel econmomy.

Prevention: Perform injection cleaning service and use top tier fuel.

2. Turbocharger Assembly

The turbo charger helps force air through the engine, allowing more fuel and thus, increasing the power and economy. As the turbochargers/superchargers operate at higher rotational speeds, they get hot and are subject to wear and tear.

Prevention: Regularly change the oil to keep the turbocharger assembly lubricated.

3. Catalytic Converter

If you care about the environment, you must take care of the catalytic converter. The converter burns off excess hydrocarbons in the exhaust, thus keeping the atmosphere clean. If this assembly fails, it can be expensive to replace.

Prevention: Avoid letting the car idle for long periods. If your car has run more than 100,000 miles, make sure to get the catalytic converter checked.

4. Transmission Assembly

The transmission assembly will draw power from the engine and transmit it to the wheels, to move them. This assembly comprises the gearbox and its powering components. In an automatic transmission, the gearshift is powered by hydraulic pressure, while in manual transmission, the shift is powered by using the clutch.

Prevention: Avoid making sudden stops, or suddenly downshifting to stop. Also, check your idling and ensure that it is not too fast. Make sure to service your transmission regularly, as mentioned in the manufacturer’s service manual.

5. Cylinder

Cylinder replacement is considered to be one of the costliest repairs because the technician has to disassemble the entire engine in order to replace the parts. Though the repair is not very common, one must not neglect the warning signs like misfire.

Prevention: Always maintain the coolant level and make regular checks on leaks. Also, keep looking for warning error codes. Keep a close watch at the check engine light. If it flashes, it indicates there is a misfire, which can mean spark plug problems. Do not keep on driving after the warning.