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BMW 6 Series Tops its Class – Yet Again

While the BMW 6 Series has been providing drivers with world-class performance and design since 1976, this German automaker has exhibited an extraordinary capacity for innovation and evolution in the auto world throughout the years, as each new generation of the BMW 6 Series has continued to out-do the last.  In 2003, the BMW 6 Series convertible was introduced, and with the launch of the 2013 lineup, an expanded line of features – including impressive interior space – will be unveiled with the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.

Following the sleek and classic lines of the traditional coupe design, BMW is actually launching into a new market segment with this four-door version, bringing the space and elegance of a sedan together with the sporty aesthetics of a coupe; a fine combination, indeed, and one that is sure to garner much attention among high-end automobile enthusiasts and critics, alike.

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe features all the impressive power and handling drivers have come to expect from this world-renown auto manufacturer, but the four-door design adds an unexpected element of passenger comfort and one important interior luxury that cannot be found in any other coupe – space, and lots of it!

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The interior of the BMW 6 Series is equipped with every creature comfort, as well as exclusive features for driver convenience and interior functionality.  The auxiliary third seat is unique to BMW, and fold-down rear seats provide unprecedented versatility of functional coupe design.  But for all the measures the engineers at BMW have taken to ensure an optimal driver/passenger experience while inside the vehicle, it’s what’s under the hood that really matters in a high-performance automobile and, as per usual, the German automaker lives up to its impeccable reputation once again.

The driving force behind the BMW 6 Series’ powerful performance is the heart-stopping V-8 engine with available Twin Turbo.  The leader in automotive innovation combines an incredible 450 horsepower with eco-friendly technologies in fuel efficiency and emissions.  Advanced chassis design provides unsurpassed handling and precision for a high performance driving experience that is second to none in its class.

All this luxury and technology comes wrapped up in one sleek and sexy package, as BMW continues a tradition of smooth and elegant lines mixed with a lean and powerful presence.  There’s no mistaking a BMW 6 Series, and with the introduction of the 2013 Gran Coupe, that distinction which sets BMW apart from its competitors has only become more pronounced.

The name BMW has been synonymous with power, luxury and performance for decades, and now the world-class auto manufacturer takes these elements to a new level with the introduction of the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.  The first to combine the comforts and interior space of a sedan with the sporty aesthetics of a coupe, BMW is certain to set a trend with this innovative new design; one that others will admire and mimic in future production, though very likely not quite to the highly elevated standards set by legendary BMW invention.

Riverside BMW Scheduled Maintenance Intervals

BMW’s are designed to be a trendy, yet safe driving vehicle. Having said that, if proper scheduled maintenance routines are not followed, the BMW, like any other vehicle, can become dangerous to drive. Because the BMW is designed and manufactured to maximize safety and reliability, the creators have now installed what is known as a “service interval light system”, as well as a “service countdown system” to let drivers know when it is time to take their vehicle in for scheduled maintenance. The interval system determines when these checks are needed by combining suggested BMW maintenance routines with your personal driving habits.

Open gear box housing of big truck

About the Service Interval Light System

On the service indicator, you will find the following; 5 green lights, 1 yellow light, and 1 red light. On your instrument panel you will also find 2 inscriptions saying “oil service” and “inspection”.

When you turn on your vehicle, you will notice all 5 green lights lit up. As you continue to drive your BMW, these lights will turn off one by one. How long it takes for these lights to turn off will depend on how often you drive your vehicle, as well as your driving habits. Once you are down to only one lit green light, it is time that you start planning for your next service. If you do not take your vehicle in at this time, your green light will eventually turn off and a yellow one will turn on. With this yellow light, one of the two inscriptions will also turn on (inspection or oil service), indicating that it is now time to take your vehicle in for maintenance service. If you continue to delay servicing, your red light will eventually turn on, letting you know that service is overdue. In such a case, you will want to take your vehicle in for servicing immediately.

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About the Service Countdown System

The Service Countdown System is an alternative display that you will find in your instrument panel. This system does not display a series of lights, but instead displays how many miles are left before you will require your next service. When the countdown is complete, the display will light up which type of service you need (Oil service or inspection service).

About BMW Scheduled Maintenance Intervals

There are 3 main service groups included within the BMW service intervals;

• Oil servicing – includes oil change, filter change, and preventative maintenance services
• Inspection I – includes major vehicle maintenance as specified in the BMW service booklet
• Inspection II – includes other major vehicle maintenance as specified in the BMW service booklet

If you aren’t familiar with vehicles, keeping up with a regular maintenance routine can be difficult. Luckily, BMW helps to make it a little simpler. With the help of the BMW scheduled maintenance Interval light system and the BMW Service Countdown System, it is easy to tell when you need to take your vehicle in for servicing, as well as what type of servicing your vehicle requires. Following the recommendations of these systems is essential, directly influencing the safety of your drive.

BMW Maintenance Service Riverside, CA

Riverside BMW Maintenance Service

BMW Maintenance Service in Riverside

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