Acura is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company. It has been used to market Honda’s luxury and performance vehicles, even near-performance vehicles. With the Acura brand, Honda is recognized for being the first Japanese company to tap into the foreign luxury market.

Honda certainly has hit a home run with their introduction of the Acura and its line up of sport and luxury models. If you own a classic Acura you know that the value of your car has remained strong even for long. If you are considering purchasing a new Acura, you have the guarantee that your car will compete favorably with any line up in the world.

However, regardless of Acura’s quality and high performance, there will come a time when you would experience some technical problems along the way. This is where certain repairs and maintenance are deemed necessary. From this objective GT Imports Automotive and Repairs is on board to help you with your Acura servicing and repair needs.


Acura Diagnostic Checkups

Is your Acura lacks the power it used to have? Does it idle roughly, miss, hesitate or buck? Do you smell a foul odor from its exhaust? Is your Acura check engine light on? These may all signify that your Acura needs a diagnostic checkup! At GT Imports Automotive and Repair, we provide Acura diagnostic checkup service for all Acura models.

Tuning up your Acura includes valve lash adjustment, checking curb idle and replacement of spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. Changing your Acura’s oil filter and its oil is necessary every 3,500 miles or possibly longer depending upon the type of oil you use. By keeping your oil clean and full, you can be able to keep your Acura running smooth and powerful for a long time, as it will help minimize premature engine wear.

When looking for diagnostic checkup services, always go to a car repair mechanic that is specialized in not only servicing BMWs but also using authentic parts that are specialized for BMWs, like GT Imports Automotive and Repairs.


Acura Brake System Repair

Most Acura vehicles are equipped with power assisted brake systems that are hydraulically operated. All front brake systems are disc brakes while the rear brakes can be either disc or drum, depending upon the model type. These brakes eventually wear out and need changing every 60,000 to 80,000 miles. Driving hard is one of the causes of premature wear of your brake components, including brake pads and brake rotors. Indeed, these wear items should be checked and replaced on a regular basis.

Some common problems your Acura brake parts can give includes: squeaking sound, your car is pulling from one side to another, grabbing of wheels and pumping of brake pedal. The task of brake system repair on your Acura can be simple but not necessarily easy, therefore taking it to a dependable mechanic like the ones at GT Imports Automotive Repair and Services is deemed necessary.


Acura Cooling System Service & Repair

In identifying challenges in your cooling system, you have to know first how it functions. Simply put, coolant accumulates heat as it goes through the engine and releases heat when it passes through the radiator. Cooling devices in your Acura perform by circulating antifreeze, containing it or controlling its temperature. Troubleshooting the cooling system in your Acura can be done by routinely inspecting cooling system devices.


Acura Engine Repair

Your vehicle engine system is directly responsible for running your vehicle. Your Acura engine parts are important for the proper working of your engine system. That is why you should properly maintain them to be able for them to last. Thus, a regular maintenance and proper care for this system is vital.

Your Acura’s engine system is the central part of your vehicle. It is from there that the fuel will be converted into energy and make your vehicle run. In general, every part of your Acura engine definitely varies depending on its engine’s type. For a four-stroke engine, key parts of the engine include the crankshaft, one or more camshafts and valves. For a two-stroke engine, there may simply be an exhaust outlet and fuel inlet instead of a valve system. In both types, there are one or more cylinders and for each cylinder, there is a spark plug, a piston and a crank.

Modern engines like Acura with hydraulic lifters, tight tolerance bearings and miniature oil filters require meticulous monitoring of oil pressure. Allow GT Imports Automotive Repair and Services be your backed-up in all your car repair and maintenance endeavors.


Acura Computer Diagnostics

Each year new car models are launched that seem to heighten in complexity. Cars on the road are like running computers because they make use of dozens of microprocessors to control every electro-mechanical functions. The main components are sensors that feed data to on board computers that have made driving a breeze. As such is the Acura. This is one sophisticated car, which diagnostics and displays are run by a computer. This kind of vehicle is equipped with a self-diagnostic system for the detection of injection faults.

Servicing an Acura automobile requires a great deal of knowledge in electronics, diagnostics, and computer software. At GT Imports Automotive Repair and Services, they have their own diagnostic tool uniquely designed to replicate the functionality of the tools used by the manufacturer’s dealers. This way we at GT Imports are able to provide comprehensive Toyota service in our own workshops without relying on dealer availability.


Acura Suspension & Steering Repair


Your Acura car’s suspension and steering system is complex as it is structured that way to provide you with a smooth and a safe driving experience. A regular check of this system would not only enhance your driving experience but also enable you to fix problems much before they spin out of your control.


Acura Electrical System Repairs

The auto electrical systems of modern cars nowadays like Acura are getting more intricate and they are stressing the limits of current technology. Basically, your Acura’s electrical system are made up of the battery, the alternator and the starter.

The battery is a storage device of 12 volts used to start the engine and aid in operating the installed electrical accessories. Replacement of your Acura’s battery is necessary. An average battery should last 3 to 5 years depending on your location’s climate.

The second component of your Acura’s electrical system is the alternator. It produces electricity, which is used to maintain battery storage charge and to help run all the electrical accessories, including the ignition as well as the engine control systems. The average alternator will last 3 to 4 years.

The third major electrical component in Acura’s electrical system is the starter. The starter is simply a DC motor that turns the engine crankshaft through the flywheel, starting the combustion process by creating compression within the cylinders. Failure of the starter is due to age, usage and heat stress. Replacement is then necessary to prevent further problems.

We at GT At GT Imports Automotive Repair and Services will do the diagnosis and repair of all electrical systems including starting, charging, lighting and all other accessories of your Acura car.

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