Bosch Launches ‘The Gut Knows’ Brake Campaign

by | Bosch

Bosch said its new brake parts advertising campaign aimed at technicians focuses on “the gut” – an individual’s judgment or assessment based on instinct, experience and technical know-how.

According to the campaign, “The gut knows serious brake pads and rotors when it sees them.” Bosch said print ads will highlight the fact that Bosch QuietCast is an ultra-quiet braking system, combining pads fitted with rubber-core shims and rotors that utilize corrosion resistant coating for long-lasting, quiet performance.

Speaking directly to professionals who will specify and install them, the ads are intended to raise awareness about product benefits for both the installer and the motorist, unlike most do-it-for-me (DIFM) messaging in the aftermarket, which is product focused, Bosch added.

Carrying through “The Gut Knows” theme that began with spark plug ads in the spring, the campaign includes ads for other Bosch replacement parts such as oxygen sensors, starters and alternators. “The ads create one brand voice with uniform messaging in print and online advertising, and are being supported with appropriate publicity in trade publications and social media like Facebook and Twitter,” Bosch added.