Honda is recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines measured by volume. Actually, Honda has been producing more than 14 million internal combustion engines each year.

Honda, a company founded by a dreamer, strongly believes in the “Power of Dreams”. And that well-built products will sell themselves. With Honda’s global lineup of most wanted cars consisting of the Fit, Civic, Accord, Insight, CR-V, Odyssey and S2000; what more can you ask for? Aside from being the largest engine maker in the world, Honda has a number of firsts in many categories, including the first engine to meet the 1970 US Clean Air Act.

Now, if you own one of Honda’s prestigious products, however, you may come across with various instances in which your Honda car would require repairs and maintenance along the way. This occurs most especially when met with an accident or any other problem. During these instances, car repairing becomes an important issue in your life as it turns to be the main cause of your distress. It is therefore, recommended that as a Honda car owner, you must avail of the car repair services offered by a reputable car repair and service center. This way, you will be able to receive the best car repair service you need at a most reasonable rate possible.

To help you with, GT Imports Automotive Repair was established with the purpose of giving assistance to Honda car owners for their car repair and maintenance needs. GT Imports Automotive Repair is a trustworthy and reliable independent Honda specializes in service and repair of all Honda makes and models. Our ASE-certified, trained and experienced mechanics can provide all factory-scheduled services. As the premier resource for full-service repair, we offer quality work and fair prices for all of our customers. Here are the following services we offer:


Honda Diagnostic Checkups

The variety of springs, relays, screws and gizmos that comprised an automobiles engine control systems of yore have gone haywire on a rapid phase. All of these things had to be resprung or readjusted, tightened up, replaced, or smacked with a hammer on a regular basis to keep them in line. This regular ritual of automotive maintenance is known as the diagnostic checkup. As time and technology carry on, systems improved; but even from the 1980s, the diagnostic checkup was a regular ritual of every motorist.

A properly tuned engine maximizes power and promotes fuel economy. While most of the turning of screws and hitting with hammers went out of style, there are still certain things under the hood that eventually wear out and may cause problem in engine performance. If the car in question is otherwise running well but seems to have lost its pep, a diagnostic checkup may be the answer to that problem. All the various parts that make up the ignition, intake, emissions, and fuel systems wear out as they perform their jobs.

Spark plugs get fouled with carbon deposits. Distributor cap contacts get corroded and ignition rotors wear out. Spark plug wires can fray and crack causing weak spark delivery or arcing. Air filters can get clogged and cause the engine to lose its breath. All these can be cured by replacing a few worn out parts.

Aside from checking and replacing the ignition parts, changing filters on a regular basis also have to do with your Honda car’s longevity. These include oil filters, air filters, PCV breather filter, fuel filter and automatic transmission filter.

When looking for diagnostic checkup services, always go to a car repair mechanic that is specialized in not only servicing Honda but also using authentic parts that are specialized for Honda cars, like GT Imports Automotive Repair.


Honda Brake System Repair

The brake system in your Honda car is made up of a complex group of parts and each plays a vital role in providing you a safe ride. GT Imports’ brake repair service ensures you this “safe ride”.

Being a responsible car owner, you should visually inspect the status of your brakes at least every six months. There are some complex things to look for and check that you may require the helping hand from a specialist. Let GT Imports do the job!

A good brake repair job covers every aspect of the system from the brake master cylinder to the calipers and down to the wheel cylinders. It may require your eyes and ears when inspecting your Honda brakes. This job includes inspecting or replacing brake rotors or discs when flaws are found. Any rotor discoloration is an indication of overheating. Brake pads are also subject to inspection for uneven wear, breakage or cracking on the friction surface. Again, if certain defects are sighted, replace it immediately. The same thing goes to the brake drums and brake shoes. Calipers, wheel cylinders hoses and lifting should also be checked for any hydraulic fluid leakage while inspecting the brakes.

The sound of the brake will also help you determine the status of your brake system. Be alarmed of any squeaking sounds, rhythmic noise and constant noise when you hit the brakes.

You may feel like doing your own brake repair job, every few years your Honda brakes should be examined by a car repair specialist. You’ll find that checking brakes for “run-out”, warping, wheel bearing play, proper proportioning balance, among others, aren’t that easy as you may think. If you’ll take it to a reliable car repair mechanics like ones in GT Imports Automotive Repair, you can prevent underlying problems that could become costly or dangerous in the long run.


Honda Cooling System Service & Repair

Basically, your Honda car’s cooling system is made up of many different parts, including the water pump, radiator and thermostat. Its critical function is to maintain proper engine temperature by circulating coolant through the engine to pick up heat and then passing it through a radiator to cool it with air. The coolant then passes through a thermostat valve to control flow and possibly, over a temperature sensor, which controls external air cooling fans.

Now, there may come a time that your Honda car’s cooling system becomes problematic and may require a professional help. This is the time for you to seek help from a dependable BMW car repair service like GT Imports Automotive Repair.

Your Honda car’s cooling system repair will be subjected to inspection and possible replacement of the defective parts like the water pump, hose or thermostat. The main pumping function of your BMW cooling system is handled by its water pump. The water pump keeps the coolant mixture moving. It is usually gear-or-belt driven and the maintenance is limited to scheduled coolant replacement, drive-belt replacement as well as tension adjustment.

Aside from the parts that have been mentioned above, your cooling system’s piping consisting of all hoses, any control valves, the heater core, the radiator and the expansion tank have to be checked as well. With the materials used and the constant friction with coolant, all parts belonging in this system wear out more from time than use. Therefore, maintenance of this part consists of scheduled coolant replacement and regular replacement of all hoses, plugged or leaking parts.


Honda Engine Repair

Oil pressure flickering and engine knock are two of the most common problems you will expect to encounter along the road with your Honda car’s engine. Give it an immediate repair before it becomes an even bigger problem.

When oil pressure decreases in your Honda car’s engine, it simply signifies that the engine may be burning or leaking oil. Adding oil may temporarily remedy the condition, but unless the level is properly maintained, the problem may recur. There may be some serious underlying problems and needs immediate repair. On the other hand, the engine knock or the “tappet” noise may be due to one sticking lifter or an indication of an oil flow problem that may lead to the damage of at least one valve.

Furthermore, flickering oil light can be more complex to troubleshoot if your engine is not obviously in need of major repair job. Modern engines today like ones in Honda cars have hydraulic lifters, tight tolerance bearings and miniature oil filters, which require conscientious monitoring of oil pressure. This is why GT Imports Automotive Repair was established to be of service for any of your car repair needs.


Honda Computer Diagnostics

Honda automobiles are sophisticated ones. In actual fact, most of its diagnostics and displays are run by computer. Such automobiles are equipped with a self-diagnostic system for the detection of injection faults.

Honda vehicles built after 1996 utilize an on-board diagnostic system know as OBD-II. This system is made up of sensors that work with the vehicle’s engine computer to determine if the emissions systems are operating within proper tolerances. If a sensor identifies a component is malfunctioning, it will trigger the “Check Engine” light in your car’s dashboard. The OBD-II system can also provide a wealth of information about the performance of your engine, and warn you when service is required to avoid imminent failure.

Honda currently offers three diagnostic testing tools: Honda Diagnostic System Tablet Tester (HDS Tablet Tester), Teradyne Diagnostic System Pocket Tester Kit (Pocket Tester), and Honda Diagnostic System Personal Computer (PC) Software.

GT Imports has its own diagnostic tool uniquely designed to replicate the functionality of the tools used by the manufacturer’s dealers. This way we at GT Imports are able to provide comprehensive Honda service in our own workshops.


Honda Suspension & Steering Repair


Your Honda car’s suspension and steering system is complex and is designed to provide you a smooth and a safe driving experience. Basically, there are two styles of vehicle steering systems, rack and pinion and worm gear box. Rack and pinion steering is one of the oldest types of steering systems but is still used today. A worm gear box style of steering system, on the other hand, is constructed of two main parts much like the rack and pinion style system. A periodic check of this system would not only enhance your driving experience but also enable you to fix problems much before they spin out of control.

Suspension and system repair on your Honda car can be a daunting task but GT Imports Automotive Repair will diagnose your BMWs steering or suspension problems for you and attack it systematically.


Honda Fuel System Repairs

The electric fuel pump is the heart of every, including your Honda car, electronic fuel injection system. The fuel pump has two job: To push fuel from the tank to the injectors, and to give off sufficient pressure so the injectors will deliver the exact amount of fuel needed under all operating conditions.

A fuel pump that does not meet the OE minimum fuel flow or pressure requirements for your Honda may result to drivability and emission problems Choosing the appropriate replacement fuel pump involves more than looking up the year, make, model and engine size of your Honda. It also means choosing a pump that meets all Honda OE performance specifications and fits the same as your original.

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