It was first introduced back in the year 1989 in the U.S. From then, Lexus continues its pursuit of perfection. Now, it is sold globally and has become Japan’s largest-selling make of luxury cars.

If you drive one of Lexus luxury cars, you know for certain that the moment you pull out of the lot you’ve got a high class vehicle on your hands. However, regardless how well you maintain it, and regardless how great it was when you initially bought it – it will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear just like all cars do.

It is, therefore very important to safeguard the health of your vehicle by giving it a dose of maintenance and repairs from a dependable service center like GT Imports Automotive Repairs.

GT Imports Automotive Repairs is on board and always ready to help you with your Lexus servicing and repair needs.


Lexus Diagnostic Checkups

Your Lexus car should receive a diagnostic checkup after every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. Tuning up your Lexus car is a relatively economical maintenance procedure that will spare from more money if you take it to an automotive repair shop like GT Imports Automotive Repairs the moment you are having problems with your car system. In tuning up your luxury car, replacement of new parts will be required. These parts include basic ignition parts, which made up of the spark plug and its wire set; distributor cap and rotor; and also filters for the oil, air, fuel, PCV breather filter and automatic transmission filter.

Spark plugs basically, serve as indicators of engine condition. It should be removed and checked every 30,000 miles – even if your Lexus car is “low maintenance”. The plastic composition of both the distributor cap and the rotor usually deteriorate with age and use. These should be replaced at recommended intervals or if showing any excessive wear. Spark plug wires, on the other hand, have become less of a problem than before be to because of its new materials and sizing.

Filters also need to be changed on a regular basis. Replacement of the air filter should be done between major services–every 15,000 miles. Replace the fuel filter as well. If you have a fuel-injection system, regular cleaning isn’t necessary unless the injectors are clogged. By doing these, it will contribute more on your Lexus car longevity than any other single factor. Oil filters should be replaced with engine oil every 3,000 miles.

When looking for diagnostic checkup services, always go to a car repair mechanic that is specialized in not only servicing Lexus cars but also using authentic parts that are specialized for them. Let GT Imports Automotive Repairs do the job.


Lexus Brake System Repair

When Lexus sprung onto the automotive scene in the late 1980s, they captured the market by offering incredible style, great drivetrains, and stellar Lexus brakes. Lexus brakes work their magic as it utilizes the latest ABS technology and servo mechanisms. But for all their complexity, the basic components of your Lexus brakes are fairly uncomplicated. When you step on the pedal, your Lexus brake pads squeeze your Lexus brake rotors, and the car comes to a stop. But as those parts wear, your Lexus brakes become less and less efficient. Technology hasn’t advanced to the point where your Lexus brakes don’t wear out. But when you need Lexus brakes repair, you can let the job done to GT Imports Automotive Repair.


Lexus Cooling System Service & Repair

Your cooling system performs a critical function. Simply put, it maintains proper engine temperature. From the water pump to the head gasket and radiator, the cooling system of the car is the heart of the engine. It should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your Lexus’ cooling system. These can cause its engine to run warmer than it should. A common problem is a leak in your radiator. If this happens, be very careful about how you choose to repair it. Sediment leak fixers can further damage the vehicle and drastically decrease performance, even if they do stop the leak. With a luxury vehicle like a Lexus, the best thing to do is to take it to a quality car service station like GT Imports Automotive Repair Service and get it a replacement radiator.


Lexus Engine Repair

Lexus cars exemplify luxuriousness, sophistication, and elegance. Its marvelous driving performance matches its magnificent looks. This is the reason why a poor engine performance is so unbecoming of a Lexus, isn’t it? The engineers behind the design of Lexus made sure that its engine system gives out a superb performance but then, no matter how precisely engineered the Lexus engine is, it still deserves your routine maintenance.

The Lexus automobile’s main system is the engine system. The Lexus engine system is where the conversion of fuel and air takes place. It is the source of power making the vehicle functional. The efficiency of the engine greatly depends on its sub parts that comprise it. Each has its own tasks to do that are vital in making the engine perform at its best. These include pistons, cylinders, valves, crankshaft, exhaust valve and other supplementary parts such as the spark plug and engine block.

These parts are very essential in providing you a great driving performance. These engine parts should be equally taken cared of otherwise they will be the cause of a major engine trouble. If any of these Lexus engine parts becomes defective have it replaced and let GT Imports Automotive Repair do the job.


Lexus Computer Diagnostics

Servicing Lexus automobiles requires an extensive knowledge of electronics, diagnostics, and computer software. Strict emissions requirements dictate a completely different approach to diagnosis, maintenance and repairs. This is a significant change from just a few short years ago when you took your car in for a diagnostic checkup and a spark plug change. Today’s cars can go 100,000 miles with little more than basic maintenance along the way. Your Lexus’ sophisticated computers keep your engine in good running condition most of the time, but when a problem occurs and a warning light appears, you need properly trained experts. Your Lexus is indeed a modern electronic marvel, and we at GT Imports Automotive Repairs are well equipped to maintain your car in peak operating condition.


Lexus Suspension & Steering Repair

Generally, the sole system that controls the way your Lexus car feels or bounce is the suspension system. It also gives you a smooth steering as well as comfortable ride whenever you drive off the road. As such, a tie rod end like the Lexus tie rod end should be kept in tiptop shape in order to ensure that the overall performance of your Lexus car’s suspension and steering system is efficiently maintained.

The tie rod end is an important component of the steering system. It is connected to the steering knuckles. It allows the wheels rotate by transmitting force from the steering center link to the steering knuckle. A worn out tie rod end will actually cause some feathered wear patterns on tires which will generally result to immediate tire wear. It can be detected by simply raising the suspension and rocking the front wheel back and forth, hence if a free play is noticed then it probably means that your vehicle’s tie rod ends are getting worse. The steering and suspension system including the tie rod end of your Lexus must be checked and maintained well for a smooth ride performance as well as complete wheel alignment. Immediate replacement of a deteriorated tie rod end should be done in order not to compromise comfort and driving pleasure. So look no further than GT Imports Automotive Repairs when in need of a tie rod end replacement and overall repair of your Lexus’ suspension and steering system.


Lexus Electrical System Repairs

If your Lexus needs electrical repair, take it to GT Imports Automotive Repairs. Lexus electrical systems require significant amounts of electrical current. High energy headlights, heated mirrors, heated seats, power windows, power seats, powerful stereo systems and multiple computers all demand power. Your Lexus’ battery and alternator are the heart of the electrical system and we at GT Imports have the equipment to properly check these. GT Imports Automotive Repair is a full service facility specializing in electrical repairs for Lexus cars.

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