The 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK350: Elegant, Luxurious, and Powerful

The popularity of the Mercedes-Benz dates way back to the 1970s when it was in stiff competition with the Cadillac. But while the vehicle was definitely gaining ground, it still had several downfalls. More specifically, the seats were far from comfortable (as most of the U.S. luxury car seats were), and the ride was less than perfect. Still, that was several decades ago and the Mercedes has come a long way since. One of it’s newest editions, the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 fits beautifully into the luxury crossover market.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLK350 has a listing price of $39, 090 (with the advanced 4Matic all wheel drive system) or $37, 090 (with rear wheel drive). While some people might find this price to a be a bit steep, it is actually very reasonable considering the comfort of the vehicle, the power of the vehicle, and the many convenience items that it has to offer. With that said, while the cost of the vehicle is reasonable, the cost of option packages don’t come cheap. For example, a Multimedia package for the GLK350 4Matic (including rear-vision camera) costs $2, 790. Similarly, a package that includes power hatch and panoramic sunroof starts at $3, 450. As such, you can easily see how the cost of this vehicle can increase quickly!

More about the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK350

Like most other Mercedes vehicles, the GLK350 comes along with all standard safety items. Included within these are the air bags, the electronic traction system, and the electronic stability system. As for the engine, the GLK350 comes with a direct-injection V6 engine with 305 horsepower. This is a 34 horsepower improvement over the 2012 Mercedes model. But the engine isn’t the only thing that is new and improved. Other improvements that come along with the GLK350 include more optional items, revised power steering, and a more elegant and attractive interior.

The GLK350 model can reach 0-60 miles per hour in 6.4 seconds, which is a slight improvement over the previous Mercedes version. But never doubt the power of a Mercedes engine – for the GLK350, cruising at high speeds is easy. The weight of the gas engine is approximately 4, 000 pounds, and it is moderately good on gas. The 7 speed automatic transmission aides in fuel economy, but can only do so much. With the rear-drive version you can get an approximate 19 miles per gallon in the city and an approximate 25 miles per gallon on highways. With the all-wheel drive version you are looking at 19 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway.

As for the front cabin, it is roomy with comfortable and supportive dual power seats. Unfortunately, the rear-seat area is not quite as comfortable, with less leg room and narrow doorways. Because there is not much room in the back, this vehicle is not recommended for families with kids. Rather, they are more desirable for singles or young couples without kids.

One downfall of the Mercedes GLK350 is that the electronic controls can take a while to get used to. There are a great deal of small radio buttons that can be somewhat overwhelming at first. In addition, the suspension may feel a bit stiff to begin with, but it will provide a great deal of comfort when traveling over bumps, offering a smooth and comfortable ride.

As for the cargo area, there is plenty of it. If a larger amount of cargo space is required you can easily fold down the rear seatbacks.

To sum things up, there are a few things that the Mercedes GLK350 could improve upon including the narrow doorways, the tight rear seating, and the moderate fuel economy. Having said that, the disadvantages of this vehicle are easily outweighed by the benefits including improved power, speed, agility, and comfort. If you rarely use back seating, the Mercedes GLK350 could be the perfect car for you.

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Volvo Service Schedule

Every vehicle requires the owner to perform routine maintenance tasks if they want it to run properly. These maintenance tasks do not cost much to perform, but can catch problems before they arise and before they create hefty unwanted repair bills. And while most people know that they should have their oil changed often, there are many routine maintenance procedures that are ignored by drivers. The result is unneccassary repair bills and danger when driving. In order to save yourself money and keep yourself safe, take a look at this recommended Volvo Service schedule.

You can usually estimate when you will need to have specific services performed based on the mileage of your vehicle. As one would probably already assume, the more mileage, the more maintenance your vehicle will need. With that said, if you keep up with your routine maintenance procedures, you should be able to prevent even more costly repair bills. Let’s take a look at what you need to have inspected and when:

Volvo Service Schedule at 7, 500 miles

Once your vehicle hits 7, 5000 miles, you should have several things checked. Firstly and most importantly, you will need to change your engine oil. And while 7, 500 miles is suggested, many mechanics actually recommend that you have your oil changed every 3, 000 miles – just to be safe. At the same time that you have your oil changed, you should also opt to have your filter replaced. In addition, you should ask your mechanic to check your diagnostic system, your fluid levels, your brake pads, and your tire pressure. You may also opt to have your tires rotated to increase their lifespan. These procedures should be carried out every 7, 500 miles or less.

Volvo Service Schedule at 15, 000 miles

Volvo XC70 by Michi1308, on Flickr
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In addition to the inspections above, after 15, 000 miles of driving you should also have your mechanic check your battery fluid level, your battery charge, and your battery mounting. You should also request an inspection of the bevel gear, the exterior lighting, and the wiper blades. In addition, you should also replace your cabin air filter and lubricate all hinges. These inspections should be carried out every 15, 000 miles.

Volvo Service Schedule – other things you should check

In addition to the maintenance procedures listed above, there are other procedures that you do not have to perform as often, but that should still be carried out regularly. These include checking the pressure of your spare tire (every 35, 000 miles), replacing your spark plugs (every 60, 000 miles), replacing your drive belt (every 105, 000 miles), and inspecting all hoses.

Open gear box housing of big truck

For more information regarding a Volvo service schedule, consult your local mechanic or automotive shop. A reputable mechanic will be able to give you a good idea as to what maintenance procedures need to be carried out, as well as how often they should be performed. This estimate can be given off of average recommendations, as well as off of your personal driving habits. Don’t procrastinate – get a schedule today!

Volvo Maintenance Service Riverside, CA

Riverside Volvo Maintenance Service

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2013 Lexus RX 350 vs. Mercedes Benz GLK vs. Infiniti FX37 0-60 $53K Mashup Review

[repostus hash=5d187da886d00c69b1a6b6fbc00f7b59 title=2013+Lexus+RX+350+vs.+Mercedes+Benz+GLK+vs.+Infiniti+FX37+0-60+%2453K+Mashup+Review host=NewsLook short=1u2Vw snip=What%27s+the+best+new+all-wheel-drive+luxury+Crossover+that+you+can+buy+for+%2453%2C000.00%3F+That%27s+the+question+we+wanted+to+answer+in+this+TFLcar+Mashup+review.+Is+it+the+new+and+refreshed+2013+Lexus+RX+350+or+is+it+the+new+and+refreshed+2013+Mercedes-Benz+GLK350+4MATIC+or+is+it+the+new+and+refreshed+2013%26hellip%3B thumb=3437940]

Volvo Service Needs – Protect Your Volvo Investment

So, you’ve decided to purchase a new Volvo? Volvo’s are an excellent investment and, if you treat them well, will give you many years of usage. With that said, Volvo’s and other vehicles cost money. And in buying a new vehicle, you want to make sure you protect your investment. If you want to protect your vehicle, you need to engage in routine maintenance tasks. Here are some common Volvo service needs that can help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle, keeping it in good working condition and ensuring your safety on the road for longer.

Open gear box housing of big truck

Volvo needs – Lubrication

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. It is what keeps all other vehicle components running and when it needs repairs – they are anything but cheap. Luckily, you can reduce your risk of needing engine repairs with one simple and cost effective task – the oil change. Oil changes only cost about $25-$50, but can save you thousands. Mechanics advise that you have your oil changed every three to six months or every 3,000 miles. Regular oil changes will help to ensure that your engine parts are well lubricated, preventing friction and damage to costly parts.

Volvo Service Needs – Cooling System Maintenance

While the engine is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, there are many other components that should not be ignored. One of these is the cooling system. When you drive your vehicle, it starts to heat. The cooling system is what prevents your vehicle from over-heating (another costly repair bill). Cooling maintenance is simple and only requires a quick coolant change, along with a quick check-up of the system.

Volvo Needs – Fluid

Oil changes are one of the most important fluid fill-ups required by any vehicle. With that said, there are many other fluids that need to be checked and filled regularly. One of the most ignored of all vehicle fluids is the brake fluid. When brake fluid becomes low or begins to diminish, both the effectiveness and performance of your brakes are at stake. In return, your driving safety is also decreased. Other fluids that need to be checked regularly include your tranmission fluid, your power steering fluid, and your windshield washer fluid. Each of these will help to increase your safety while on the road.

Volvo service needs – Change your Filters

Another important part of any vehicle maintenance routine is the changing of your filters. There are several different filters used within your vehicle. Included within these are the oil filter, the air filter, and the fuel filter. Each of these help to keep dirt and grit from entering into your engine. If ignored, dirt and grime can build-up and create larger and more expensive problems. As a general recommendation, you should have your filters checked and changed every 15, 000 miles. If you are known to drive in dusty conditions, you may need to have them changed more often.

The above are a fewVolvo service needs that you should have performed on a regular basis. To set up a maintenance schedule, speak to a mechanic near you.

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Riverside Volvo Service

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Budgeting for Volvo Service Costs

The Volvo is a beautifully designed and well-made vehicle. With that said, there is no vehicle in this world that will last forever, and eventually even your Volvo will need to be repaired. Luckily, you can extend the length of time in which you are repair-free by performing regular vehicle maintenance tasks. These are tasks that do not cost much, but can greatly improve the performance, safety, and lifespan of your vehicle. But how much should you budget for your Volvo service costs? Let’s take a look.

The cost of your Volvo repairs and maintenance tasks will depend on several different things. Here are a few of them:

You vehicle mileage – As common sense would tell you, the more your vehicle is driven, the more you willl need to spend on repair bills. It is generally estimated that once you hit 100, 000 miles your repair bills will begin to increase. With that said, this number can differ depending on how well you care for your Volvo. Those who perform regular maintenance tasks can expect their vehicle to perform well for longer. Those who fail to care for their vehicle can expect to experience repair needs sooner. But regardless of how well cared for your vehicle is, the general rule is that the more mileage, the more that will need to be spent on upkeep.

Car care – Probably one of the biggest determinants regarding Volvo service costs is how well you maintain your vehicle. Do you drive your vehicle with care or do you race it? Do you perform the necessary maintenance tasks or do you leave them until the last minute? As one would expect, the better you care for your vehicle, the less you will need to spend on it in the long run. There are several different maintenance tasks that should be performed regularly. Included within these are oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations, and several more. If you keep up with these regular maintenance tasks, your repair bills will be kept to a minimum. If you ignore maintenance routines, you will soon run into bigger, more costly repair issues.

So how much can you expect to spend on these routine maintenance tasks? To keep yourself safe, you should try to put aside approximately $75 per month for vehicle maintenance and repair tasks. Obviously, there will be some months where you will not need to spend anything. There will be other months where you will need to spend much more. The need for Volvo and vehicle repairs is unexpected, but one thing is for sure – the better you care for your vehicle, the less you will need to spend in repair bills. Yes, routine maintenance tasks cost money, but they do not cost near as much as repair bills. Speak to your local repair and mechanic shop about setting up a routine maintenance schedule and avoid costly repair bills in the future. To prevent any un-affordable surprises, put away $75-$100 per month for vehicle repair and safety.

Volvo Service Costs Riverside, CA

Riverside Volvo Service Costs

Volvo Service Costs in Riverside

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Common Volvo Repair Needs

Comfortable, safe, and stylish – this is what the Volvo vehicles are known for. But while Volvos provide a safe, comfortable, and fashionable ride, they are – like all other vehicles – subject to repair needs. If well maintained, Volvos will definitely give you your money’s worth. With that said, no vehicle lasts forever and there comes a time in the life of every vehicle that it will eventually need some type of repair. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of repairs, as well as where you can go for volvo repair.

Oil changes – While not exactly a “repair”, oil changes are something that every vehicle needs, regardless of how new or old they are. Oil helps to keep your engine parts lubricated, ensuring that they can run properly. If you are responsible with your vehicle and want to prevent the need for larger repair bills, you should have your oil changed every 3-6 months (depending on the conditions in which you drive).

Føhns repairing his old Volvo at Reboot by marksdk, on Flickr
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Tune ups – Another type of Volvo repair that is recommended for all drivers is the tune-up. Like oil changes, tune ups are more of a preventative maintenance task than a repair, but are essential to the functionality and extended life of your vehicle. During a tune-up, your vehicle is looked over for signs of wear and tear. Any parts that show signs of damage are replaced. As a general recommendation, you should take your Volvo in for a tune-up every 35, 000 to 65, 000 miles to keep it in good running condition.

Brake System Repair – As we all know, brakes are one of the most important aspects of our vehicle and we always want to make sure that they are working properly. It is your brakes that ensure your safety on the road. If you are noticing that your brakes are not working quite like they used to, you will definitely want to take them in and have them looked at. If they are working fine, you should still take your volvo in once or twice a year to have them inspected, ensuring that they are in good working order.

Cooling System – When it comes to Volvo repair, many people may not realize how essential their cooling system is. Without the help of your cooling system, your vehicle is subject to high temperatures which can eventually result in overheating. If you have an issue with your cooling system, there are several parts that may need to be repaired. These include the water pump, the thermostat, the cooling fan, the drive belts, the hoses, and the radiator.

Where can you go for repair? There are two different options for repairing your Volvo. One option is to do-it-yourself. If you are a registered mechanic, this is a great way to save yourself some extra money. If you are not a mechanic, do-it-yourself repairs can be dangerous – not only for your vehicle, but also for yourself! The next time you are in need of Volvo repair, keep both you and your vehicle safe – talk to a mechanic!

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Riverside Volvo Repairs

Volvo Repairs in Riverside

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Mercedes AMG: A Tradition of Performance

The Mercedes-Benz is known the world over as a classic car that offers maximum comfort, style, speed, and sophistication. Behind every great car, there is a great company and the Mercedes Benz is no different. Mercedes is committed to providing the very best in safety, luxury, and performance, and their defining standard always meets expectations.

The history of Mercedes AMG dates back to the days when as an independent company, AMG provided Mercedes with engine support for its motor cars. AMG had a tradition of listening to their customers, so they were able to build high performance engines that outperformed competitors. Mercedes then sought the assistance of AMG to produce high performance luxury vehicles, and that collaboration soon resulted in the Mercedes Benz C36 AMG. The success was so overwhelming that Mercedes AMG became a formal entity in the late 1990’s.

Since that time, Mercedes AMG has continued its tradition of innovation in engineering and aerodynamics, and launched several high performance luxury vehicles.

One of the most pioneering features of the Mercedes was the AMG advanced mobile Media Systems, which was developed in the 1990’s. This advanced multimedia system allows you to literally take the office with you while you drive your car. There is high speed internet access to surf the web or read emails, and in addition, the system has a DVD player, as well as monitors for watching DVD or TV. The system can be operated with easy touch screen controls, or via remote control.

What makes the Mercedes AMG so different?

  • Superior speed and performance: The Mercedes AMG is the supercharged high performance brand of the Mercedes line. Its superior acceleration capability is underlined by the fact that it can accelerate to 60 miles in less than 4seconds. The capacity to out-accelerate competitors makes it tops in its class. The 7-speed automatic transmission, known as the 7G Tronic, which is specially engineered by Mercedes, contributes to the very fast acceleration times.
  • Superb Handling: You would think that with a 7 gear transmission the Mercedes AMG might be clumsy and difficult to handle, but that’s not the case. The transmission technology makes accelerating and downshifting quite smooth and seamless. It also steers well, and allows you to stop with ease.
  • Stylish Image: These cars have quality interiors with comfortable seating room. The controls and instruments are also beautifully designed.
  • The AMG Performance Studio: This ultramodern studio, which was opened in 2006, is the home of specially customized editions. Only a small batch of each series is produced, making them all the more appealing. These models are finely crafted, visually appealing, and are fast on the road. This makes them a hit with those who are looking for safety, luxury, and excellent performance in a car.

You are sure to experience a thrill when you drive a technically advanced Mercedes AMG, with its superior speed and great value. In addition, the attractive looks, safety record, performance, and prestige, makes it best in class. Remember, GT Imports Automotive Repair is your Mercedes repair headquarters in Riverside and Corona

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BMW 6 Series Tops its Class – Yet Again

While the BMW 6 Series has been providing drivers with world-class performance and design since 1976, this German automaker has exhibited an extraordinary capacity for innovation and evolution in the auto world throughout the years, as each new generation of the BMW 6 Series has continued to out-do the last.  In 2003, the BMW 6 Series convertible was introduced, and with the launch of the 2013 lineup, an expanded line of features – including impressive interior space – will be unveiled with the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.

Following the sleek and classic lines of the traditional coupe design, BMW is actually launching into a new market segment with this four-door version, bringing the space and elegance of a sedan together with the sporty aesthetics of a coupe; a fine combination, indeed, and one that is sure to garner much attention among high-end automobile enthusiasts and critics, alike.

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe features all the impressive power and handling drivers have come to expect from this world-renown auto manufacturer, but the four-door design adds an unexpected element of passenger comfort and one important interior luxury that cannot be found in any other coupe – space, and lots of it!

These few considerations will make a distinction in your info as they relate to local BMW automobile repair work in Riverside. Nevertheless is that all there is? Not by a long shot – you truly can broaden your knowledge significantly, and we will certainly help you.

They will offer you well, nevertheless, in even more means than you know. Getting a higher height picture will certainly be of great value to you. Keep reading due to the fact that you do not wish to miss out on these crucial know-how items.

The interior of the BMW 6 Series is equipped with every creature comfort, as well as exclusive features for driver convenience and interior functionality.  The auxiliary third seat is unique to BMW, and fold-down rear seats provide unprecedented versatility of functional coupe design.  But for all the measures the engineers at BMW have taken to ensure an optimal driver/passenger experience while inside the vehicle, it’s what’s under the hood that really matters in a high-performance automobile and, as per usual, the German automaker lives up to its impeccable reputation once again.

The driving force behind the BMW 6 Series’ powerful performance is the heart-stopping V-8 engine with available Twin Turbo.  The leader in automotive innovation combines an incredible 450 horsepower with eco-friendly technologies in fuel efficiency and emissions.  Advanced chassis design provides unsurpassed handling and precision for a high performance driving experience that is second to none in its class.

All this luxury and technology comes wrapped up in one sleek and sexy package, as BMW continues a tradition of smooth and elegant lines mixed with a lean and powerful presence.  There’s no mistaking a BMW 6 Series, and with the introduction of the 2013 Gran Coupe, that distinction which sets BMW apart from its competitors has only become more pronounced.

The name BMW has been synonymous with power, luxury and performance for decades, and now the world-class auto manufacturer takes these elements to a new level with the introduction of the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.  The first to combine the comforts and interior space of a sedan with the sporty aesthetics of a coupe, BMW is certain to set a trend with this innovative new design; one that others will admire and mimic in future production, though very likely not quite to the highly elevated standards set by legendary BMW invention.

Mercedes C Class

If you are looking for a compact luxury sedan that’s fun to drive, and nice on the inside and outside, then check out the Mercedes C Class. The Mercedes C Class is a refined, solid, high performance executive class by vehicle Mercedes AMG. It is one of the top brands in its class, with its main competitors being the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 series.

Mercedes Benz has a lineup of different classes of vehicles and included in this lot is a range of 4 door sedans in the C, E, and S classes. The Mercedes C Class is the smallest of the three. When compared to the E and S classes, the C class has a lighter, less powerful engine, but it is still very formidable on the road.

The Mercedes C-Class is a small-sized luxury car with the style and sophistication that appeals to professionals. It was the Mercedes Benz entry level model that was introduced in the US and other overseas markets in the 1990’s. The C-Class has seen several generations of vehicles dating from the early 1990’s, with the earliest model being a sedan body style that seated 5 comfortably.


Models included in the C-Class include the C300 Luxury Sedan, C300 Sports Sedan, and C350 Sports Sedan. These cars are an example of comfort, style, and convenience. The C-Class models are easy to handle, and very secure. If you are sports oriented, then you may opt for the C300 sports sedan with its sport styling.

The latest models feature the Mercedes G-Tronic 7-speed transmission, as well as a 4 wheel electronic traction system that gives optimum traction even in the most difficult road conditions. They also have new 3.5 liter engines, along with ECO stop/start technology.

In an effort to attract the younger, trendier demographic, Mercedes released the sporty yet elegant C-Class coupe in 2012. It has a fantastic engine and suspensions, and gives a firm, smooth ride. The cabin is elegantly crafted and has ample room.


The Mercedes C Class is listed among the safest on the road. The car is able to stand up to safety scrutiny, and has scored well on crash safety tests. To ensure your safety on the road, the Mercedes C Class is fitted with anti-lock brakes, keyless entry, and side-impact air bags.

You can expect great performance from the Mercedes C Class. Mercedes Benz is known for their innovative technology that ensures that their cars pack superior engine power. This type of engineering allows for greater efficiency and better responsiveness when you drive. Another feature that enhances performance is the ‘Agility Control Suspension’ in the sedans. This system automatically adjusts the suspension to ensure that you get a smoother, softer ride.

The Mercedes C-Class is also a favorite because of the refined modern interior, fuel efficiency, and responsive handling. It’s a great car to drive if you are touring, and you will find that it’s also a good choice to take you around town. Keep your C Class maintained by GT Imports Auto Repair in Riverside, CA.

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How to get the most from Volvo Repair costs

Regardless of which type of vehicle you own, repairs are never cheap. So when it comes to Volvo repair costs, you want to make sure that you are getting your money worth. For many people, automotive repair is a mysterious subject. And unless you know a great deal about vehicles, it is not difficult to get ripped off. Luckily, there are things that you can do to ensure that you are getting the most out of your repairs. Here are some repair tips to help ensure you are not getting ripped off:

Volvo repair costs: Tip #1 – Make sure the technician is trustworthy

The sad reality about the automotive repair industry is that there are a lot of mechanics out there who would not think twice about ripping you off – especially if you don’t know anything about vehicle repair. This is why it is so essential that you find the right automotive service center or shop. You need to be able to trust the manager, the owner, and the mechanic! Something as simple as taking your vehicle to a reputable and trustworthy shop can end up saving you a great deal of money!

Volvo repair costs: Tip #2 – Understand your estimate

After your vehicle has been looked over, you will be given an estimate related to how much your bill will come to. Within your estimate you will be given information pertaining to what needs to be repaired, how much it will cost to repair, and what the total of all your repairs will come to. Most mechanics will also give you an estimate as to labor costs. When looking over your estimate, it is important that you understand each aspect that is noted within in. Always be sure to ask exactly what is wrong with each part that needs to be replaced. This will help to ensure that you are not getting ripped off. You should also know the level of importance of each repair. This way, if you can’t afford the entire bill, you can have all of the essential parts repaired and save up to have the remaining parts repaired in a month or so.

Volvo repair costs: Tip #3 – Ask about the parts

As mentioned previously, there are many automotive mechanics that will not think twice about ripping off their customers. One of the ways that they do this is by installing aftermarket parts and charging for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ones. In order to avoid this, ask for the documentation for the parts being replaced. This will help to ensure that you are getting exactly what you pay for.

When it comes to vehicle repair, nothing comes cheap. In return, when you pay for a repair, you want to make sure that it is getting done properly. Three ways that you can decrease your likelihood of getting ripped off are by looking into the background of your automotive shop and mechanic, by understanding what it written in your estimate, and by asking for documentation regarding the parts being used for replacement. Use these three tips and get the most out of your Volvo repair costs.

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Volvo Repair Costs in Riverside

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