Mercedes AMG: A Tradition of Performance


The Mercedes-Benz is known the world over as a classic car that offers maximum comfort, style, speed, and sophistication. Behind every great car, there is a great company and the Mercedes Benz is no different. Mercedes is committed to providing the very best in safety, luxury, and performance, and their defining standard always meets expectations.

The history of Mercedes AMG dates back to the days when as an independent company, AMG provided Mercedes with engine support for its motor cars. AMG had a tradition of listening to their customers, so they were able to build high performance engines that outperformed competitors. Mercedes then sought the assistance of AMG to produce high performance luxury vehicles, and that collaboration soon resulted in the Mercedes Benz C36 AMG. The success was so overwhelming that Mercedes AMG became a formal entity in the late 1990’s.

Since that time, Mercedes AMG has continued its tradition of innovation in engineering and aerodynamics, and launched several high performance luxury vehicles.

One of the most pioneering features of the Mercedes was the AMG advanced mobile Media Systems, which was developed in the 1990’s. This advanced multimedia system allows you to literally take the office with you while you drive your car. There is high speed internet access to surf the web or read emails, and in addition, the system has a DVD player, as well as monitors for watching DVD or TV. The system can be operated with easy touch screen controls, or via remote control.

What makes the Mercedes AMG so different?

  • Superior speed and performance: The Mercedes AMG is the supercharged high performance brand of the Mercedes line. Its superior acceleration capability is underlined by the fact that it can accelerate to 60 miles in less than 4seconds. The capacity to out-accelerate competitors makes it tops in its class. The 7-speed automatic transmission, known as the 7G Tronic, which is specially engineered by Mercedes, contributes to the very fast acceleration times.
  • Superb Handling: You would think that with a 7 gear transmission the Mercedes AMG might be clumsy and difficult to handle, but that’s not the case. The transmission technology makes accelerating and downshifting quite smooth and seamless. It also steers well, and allows you to stop with ease.
  • Stylish Image: These cars have quality interiors with comfortable seating room. The controls and instruments are also beautifully designed.
  • The AMG Performance Studio: This ultramodern studio, which was opened in 2006, is the home of specially customized editions. Only a small batch of each series is produced, making them all the more appealing. These models are finely crafted, visually appealing, and are fast on the road. This makes them a hit with those who are looking for safety, luxury, and excellent performance in a car.

You are sure to experience a thrill when you drive a technically advanced Mercedes AMG, with its superior speed and great value. In addition, the attractive looks, safety record, performance, and prestige, makes it best in class. Remember, GT Imports Automotive Repair is your Mercedes repair headquarters in Riverside and Corona

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