Mercedes-Benz – Revising the E-Class


The Mercedes-Benz is a popular vehicle brand that we know and love today. And while there is definitely nothing wrong with the existing versions of the Mercedes-Benz, word has it that the company has recently been caught testing updates for its E-Class range in an attempt to steal customers from its BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, and Audi competitors. But before we discus what Mercedes-Benz intends to do in the near future, let’s first take a look into it’s past to see where the Benz got it’s start, as well as where the idea of the three pointed star came into play.

In the 1880’s, the invention of the high-speed engine and the automobile allowed Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler to lay the foundation of the vehicles we take for granted today. While they worked independently of one another, the Benz & Cie company was founded in 1883 and the DMG was founded in 1890. The trademark of the companies? “Benz” and “Daimler”. But at the turn of the century, DMG completely changed its name to “Mercedes”.

Where did the name Mercedes come from?  From the daughter of a business man named Emil Jellinek. In 1897, Jellinek ordered his first car from Daimler. But for Jellinek, a top speed of 24 km/hr was not fast enough. He ordered 2 more vehicles, but demanded that they travel at least 40 km/hr. In 1898, he got his wish – two Daimler cars with 8 horsepower engines. Soon, Jellinek began promoting Daimler vehicles, but continued to demand increased speeds. In 1899, Jellinek entered his first race under the name “Mercedes” – the name of his 10 year old daughter. In 1900, Jellinek and the DMG made an agreement concerning vehicle sales and the idea to use the name Mercedes was originated. The name was legally registered on September 26, 1902.

And the star? In March of 1990, the founder of Mercedes died, leaving the company to his two sons Paul and Adolf. Needing a trademark for their vehicles, the two sons had remembered that their father once used a star as a symbol on a postcard, telling his wife that the star would one day shine over his factory to symbolize prosperity. The sons proposed to use the star as a trademark, and the proposal was immediately accepted.

In 1926, the two oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world merged together to create what is today known as Mercedes Benz. One of the most popular and luxurious name brand vehicles in the world, there is little that needs to be changed with the modern Mercedes Benz. Having said that, the Mercedes company has recently been caught testing updates to its E-Class range in an attempt to steal market share from it’s competitors.

According to insiders, the new and improved E-Class will no longer rock it’s four headlight look. Rather, a sleeker new look will be given to the front end of the vehicle. Statistics tell us that the sales of the E-Class coupe and convertible dropped last month by 40 percent. In contrast, the Mercedes Benz SLK convertible coupe is expected to increase sales by over 150 percent. And while the E-Class coupe and convertible has outsold one of its main competitors, the Audi A5, Audi is quickly catching up, leaving Mercedes in a bind to revise it’s E-Class. The updated version is expected to go on sale next year.

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