Mercedes C Class


If you are looking for a compact luxury sedan that’s fun to drive, and nice on the inside and outside, then check out the Mercedes C Class. The Mercedes C Class is a refined, solid, high performance executive class by vehicle Mercedes AMG. It is one of the top brands in its class, with its main competitors being the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 series.

Mercedes Benz has a lineup of different classes of vehicles and included in this lot is a range of 4 door sedans in the C, E, and S classes. The Mercedes C Class is the smallest of the three. When compared to the E and S classes, the C class has a lighter, less powerful engine, but it is still very formidable on the road.

The Mercedes C-Class is a small-sized luxury car with the style and sophistication that appeals to professionals. It was the Mercedes Benz entry level model that was introduced in the US and other overseas markets in the 1990’s. The C-Class has seen several generations of vehicles dating from the early 1990’s, with the earliest model being a sedan body style that seated 5 comfortably.


Models included in the C-Class include the C300 Luxury Sedan, C300 Sports Sedan, and C350 Sports Sedan. These cars are an example of comfort, style, and convenience. The C-Class models are easy to handle, and very secure. If you are sports oriented, then you may opt for the C300 sports sedan with its sport styling.

The latest models feature the Mercedes G-Tronic 7-speed transmission, as well as a 4 wheel electronic traction system that gives optimum traction even in the most difficult road conditions. They also have new 3.5 liter engines, along with ECO stop/start technology.

In an effort to attract the younger, trendier demographic, Mercedes released the sporty yet elegant C-Class coupe in 2012. It has a fantastic engine and suspensions, and gives a firm, smooth ride. The cabin is elegantly crafted and has ample room.


The Mercedes C Class is listed among the safest on the road. The car is able to stand up to safety scrutiny, and has scored well on crash safety tests. To ensure your safety on the road, the Mercedes C Class is fitted with anti-lock brakes, keyless entry, and side-impact air bags.

You can expect great performance from the Mercedes C Class. Mercedes Benz is known for their innovative technology that ensures that their cars pack superior engine power. This type of engineering allows for greater efficiency and better responsiveness when you drive. Another feature that enhances performance is the ‘Agility Control Suspension’ in the sedans. This system automatically adjusts the suspension to ensure that you get a smoother, softer ride.

The Mercedes C-Class is also a favorite because of the refined modern interior, fuel efficiency, and responsive handling. It’s a great car to drive if you are touring, and you will find that it’s also a good choice to take you around town. Keep your C Class maintained by GT Imports Auto Repair in Riverside, CA.

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