Mercedes E Class


The Mercedes E Class consists of solidly built cars that offer comfort, safety, and great performance. The Mercedes E Class is a large/mid-sized luxury car, and is the ideal fit, as it is neither too big, nor too small. Because of its dependability, and style, it has been a favorite of the midsized luxury market segment for many years. The E-Class cars are similar in look and feel to the S-Class, but are not as expensive.

The Mercedes E Class has been around for 8 generations, the first model was the W120 sedan also known as the ‘Ponton,’ which was released in the 1950’s. Since then, the E-class has evolved, and is now available in various engine and body types.

The Mercedes E-Class is made up of a full family of models; the sedan, coupe, cabriolet, and wagon. Because of the range in body types it carries, the E-Class is able to satisfy different roles. For example the wagon makes a nice family car, while if you are looking for something a little crisper for touring, then the coupe is a good choice.




E-Class Models

E-Class models include the E350 coupe, E350 sedan, E350 wagon, E350 cabriolet, as well as the E550 coupe, E550 sedan, and the E550 cabriolet. The powerhouse of them all is the E63 AMG. The Mercedes E-Class is known for its roomy interior, with ample space available in the front as well as the rear seat. The interiors are trimmed with fine materials, including wood, refined plastic, and metal.

The E-Class models are fitted with either the AMG V8 high performance engine, or the fuel efficient diesel engine. They all have the 7-speed transmission. In terms of performance, the Mercedes E Class lives up to the impressive standard expected of a Mercedes-Benz. It delivers on speed, handling ability, safety, and performance.

E63 AMG – Power and Precision

If you want an exciting ride in a car that’s sleek, sophisticated, and luxurious, then there is no better ride available than the E63 AMG. The powerful and aggressive E63 AMG is a model of power and precision, making it the prized car of the E-Class. The E63 AMG is a strong rival of the BMW M5, and was designed and modified to add momentum to the E-Class series.

With its AMG 5.5 liter V8 biturbo engine, 7-speed sports transmission, and sports suspension, it is a tribute to continuous AMG engineering. The E63 AMG has marvelously crafted interior instruments including the superb AMG performance steering wheel that enhances handling ability, and gives the driver optimum steering control. It also has tasteful outer enhancements, lots of interior space, as well as comfortable, easily adjustable sports seats.

Mercedes-Benz is a trusted name in luxury cars, and the Mercedes E Class lives up to the levels of performance expected of a car in its class. The Mercedes E Class is built on excellence. It’s rated for its safety, loved for its prestige and comfort, and recognized for its superb accessories. For superb Mercedes repair in Riverside, visit GT Imports Automotive Repair.

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