Mercedes S Class


The full-size Mercedes S Class represents the grandeur that is the hallmark of Mercedes Benz. It is the largest luxury sedan from Mercedes Benz, and because of that distinction, it was the first to be fitted with antilock brakes, air bags, and stability control, when those features were pioneered. If you want a regal, fancy car that is a great performer on the road, then the Mercedes S class should be top of the list.

The Mercedes S Class has evolved, having first emerged in the 1950’s with the release of the W116. As the premier luxury sedan of the Mercedes Benz group, the Mercedes S Class has a range of engine and body configurations. It has a fascinating body style that exudes class and sophistication, and packs some great power with its V-8 and V-12 engine options.

The Mercedes S Class is supremely comfortable, and has exquisite finishes that are all part of the ongoing innovation that takes place at Mercedes Benz AMG. Comfort is embodied in the double glazed windows that reduce the bother from wind noise, as well as the heated/ventilated massaging seats.

S-Class Models

  • The S350 Blue Tec is a quiet, fuel efficient diesel motor vehicle. It is fitted with a turbo diesel V6 engine that delivers 240 horse power. The S350 is a 4MATIC all-wheel drive car that can handle all types of weather and road conditions.
  • The S400 hybrid is the least expensive member of the S-Class, and is also less expensive than competitors like the BMW 7 series hybrid. The S-Class does not run on electric power alone, but rather it is a gas-electric hybrid, which means that it falls in the class of as a ‘mild hybrid.’ A very nice feature of the S400 is the stop/start function, which shuts off the car when it stops at the traffic light, in order to save fuel.
  • The S550 is a 4.6liter V8 powered that looks exceptional with its AMG high performance tires. It has a 7-speed transmission that makes changing gears faster and riding smoother. The interior is attractively outfitted with reclining seats that are also heated/ventilated.

S65 AMG – Power and Comfort

The S65 AMG is sheer class, backed by awesome power. This luxury sports sedan is listed among the world’s top 10 best-selling luxury sedans. The ride quality of the S65 AMG is extraordinary.

With its AMG 6.0 liter V12 engine, speedshift 5-speed transmission, and active body control with sports suspension, the E65 AMG packs a lot of power. Its 612 horsepower boosts the car from 0-100km in less than 5 seconds. The E65 AMG has exquisite leather PASSION and fine wood trim interior. It is fitted with the AMG sports steering wheel, sports pedals, and sports seats. The E65 has lots of interior room, even for rear seat passengers.

It’s been said that the Mercedes S Class looks a lot like a private limo, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular with those who like that style. The Mercedes S Class is a high performing, comfortable, quality, car that you will simply love to take on the road.