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Every vehicle requires the owner to perform routine maintenance tasks if they want it to run properly. These maintenance tasks do not cost much to perform, but can catch problems before they arise and before they create hefty unwanted repair bills. And while most people know that they should have their oil changed often, there are many routine maintenance procedures that are ignored by drivers. The result is unneccassary repair bills and danger when driving. In order to save yourself money and keep yourself safe, take a look at this recommended Volvo Service schedule.

You can usually estimate when you will need to have specific services performed based on the mileage of your vehicle. As one would probably already assume, the more mileage, the more maintenance your vehicle will need. With that said, if you keep up with your routine maintenance procedures, you should be able to prevent even more costly repair bills. Let’s take a look at what you need to have inspected and when:

Volvo Service Schedule at 7, 500 miles

Once your vehicle hits 7, 5000 miles, you should have several things checked. Firstly and most importantly, you will need to change your engine oil. And while 7, 500 miles is suggested, many mechanics actually recommend that you have your oil changed every 3, 000 miles – just to be safe. At the same time that you have your oil changed, you should also opt to have your filter replaced. In addition, you should ask your mechanic to check your diagnostic system, your fluid levels, your brake pads, and your tire pressure. You may also opt to have your tires rotated to increase their lifespan. These procedures should be carried out every 7, 500 miles or less.

Volvo Service Schedule at 15, 000 miles

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In addition to the inspections above, after 15, 000 miles of driving you should also have your mechanic check your battery fluid level, your battery charge, and your battery mounting. You should also request an inspection of the bevel gear, the exterior lighting, and the wiper blades. In addition, you should also replace your cabin air filter and lubricate all hinges. These inspections should be carried out every 15, 000 miles.

Volvo Service Schedule – other things you should check

In addition to the maintenance procedures listed above, there are other procedures that you do not have to perform as often, but that should still be carried out regularly. These include checking the pressure of your spare tire (every 35, 000 miles), replacing your spark plugs (every 60, 000 miles), replacing your drive belt (every 105, 000 miles), and inspecting all hoses.

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For more information regarding a Volvo service schedule, consult your local mechanic or automotive shop. A reputable mechanic will be able to give you a good idea as to what maintenance procedures need to be carried out, as well as how often they should be performed. This estimate can be given off of average recommendations, as well as off of your personal driving habits. Don’t procrastinate – get a schedule today!

Riverside Volvo Maintenance Service

Volvo Maintenance Service in Riverside

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