2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Review


The 2012 Mercedes-Benz E350 wagon spoils anyone who drives it. With elegance, comfort, and plenty of cargo space, this vehicle is an excellent choice for singles, couples, and families alike. Of course, no vehicles are without their downfalls. And the main downfall of the E350? The price tag. The cost of the Mercedes-Benz E350 starts at $58, 025. But if you can afford the payments of the vehicle, it will not disappoint you.

When you buy a Mercedes, comfort, style, and elegance are all expected. But what many people don’t expect is the exceptional handling that this vehicle offers. While the size of the vehicle is quite large, once you get used to driving it, it is extremely easy to maneuver and handle. Whether you are riding down the highway or a country road, the E350 will always provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. As for the 3.5 V6 engine, it provides the power and acceleration you need, and braking is excellent. If you want to add extra engineering to the vehicle, you can do so at a price. The E350 with added traffic and navigation system, dual rear entertainment screens, and massaging drivers seats will raise the price tag to $76, 055.

The Exterior

With 7 seats, the E350 is a very large vehicle. With that said, despite it’s length, the E350 still holds a sporty and regal look. This Mercedes breaks all of the typical stereotypes that come along with a wagon and to be honest, the wagon has never looked so attractive as it does now.

Despite the label of “wagon”, the E350 still functions like a regular car. It is very easy to get in and out of, as well as easy to load and unload. The E350 provides drivers with a power liftgate, along with a keyless entry for both front and rear doors. And while this may not seem like a huge bonus to some, parents with young children will definitely be able to see the added benefit of opening doors without any extra steps.

As for the cargo space, it weighs in at an astonishing 20.5 cubic feet. This added space makes the E350 perfect for road trips, allowing you to fit in almost anything. And the engine? The E350 is equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine that is estimated to provide 19mpg in the city and 27mpg on the highway – very impressive considering the vehicle size. It uses premium gasoline.

The Interior

When it comes to the interior of the E350, there is little to complain about. From the optional leather interior, to the optional panoramic sunroof, the interior of the E350 is one to be admired by wagon fans.

Not only is the interior attractive, it is also extremely spacious. It fits up to 7 people comfortably, providing plenty of legroom for each person within the vehicle. In addition, two rear facing seats are located in the cargo area. These seats not only provide extra room, but are also a hit with the kids! And if the rear facing seats aren’t enough for the kids, perhaps they will be impressed by the dual entertainment screens. These can be added for only ($1, 910). Other luxury items that you can add include satellite radio and a massaging drivers seat.

The Safety

The E350 wagon features standard all-wheel drive, an electronic stability system with traction control, four-wheel-disc antilock brakes, rear parking sensors, a backup camera, seven airbags, and front head restraints. With the help of Mercedes’ Pre-Safe system, the E350 can anticipate a collision. When this happens, seat belts are automatically tightened, windows and sunroof are automatically closed, and front seats are automatically adjusted to protect the driver. This wagon also features Attention Assist, which can monitor driving behavior to detect drowsiness or other signs that may lead to an accident.

If you are willing to pay extra, you can also opt for night vision, auto-leveling headlights, or blind spot and lane departure warning systems. You can also opt for Distronic Plus technology that helps you to maintain a specific distance from the vehicle in front of you, braking whenever needed.

The verdict? If you can afford the price tag, the Mercedes-Benz E350 wagon will not leave you disappointed.

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